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The Chinese call tea that undergoes full fermentation RED TEA (hung-cha); in the West it is known as BLACK TEA. Tea made from black tea leaves is reddish-brown in color and has a malt-like aroma.

Black tea is currently the most popular in the world, enjoyed mainly as iced tea. Recent studies have shown that black tea provides equal health benefits as its green cousin. All tea leaves are green when harvested. Some are processed green - others are allowed to oxidize. Oxidation and firing turns the leaf black. (Firing - The tea leaf is exposed to high temperature over fire or commercial ovens). After firing the tea is sorted by sifting the leaf with various size screens.

BLACK TEA is the most widely consumed teas; black teas are full-flavored and characterized by a tannic, woody astringency with subtle, flowery nuances. To make black tea, the leaves are picked and withered for one to two days and then rolled (rolling helps to release the enzymes needed for the next step). Next the leaves are oxidized, which develops the characteristic black tea flavor and changes the color of the leaves from green to brown or black. Finally the tea is fired in hot pans or ovens to stop oxidation and the dry leaves.
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